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LP Cover - Positive - for web site
Another dozen tunes from the mighty pen and doubled edged sword of Norman Towler. A year in the making, these songs have been finely crafted, reworked, rewritten, dutifully balanced, lightly touched, mixed, remixed and mixed again like we did last summer. No knob, dial or stone has been left unturned. No harmonies have been left unaltered. No drum beat has beat a hasty retweet.
These twelve songs do not warrant a listen. They deserve two, three, four and more or less listens. Enough for the plaintive melodies to lodge firmly in your tune whistling head. Your humming mechanism won't escape Slappe Av. Your children will witness your inevitable You Don't Knows. Family members you never knew you had will resonate at midnight with Are You Coming Out Tonight? Lunch chewing workmates will nod, tap and clap along to Over To You. Friends will challenge you to the Anatomical remember the words game. The instrumentals will provide wordless interludes and endings while the other bus passengers count One By One By One regardless of whether it is is 4am In Texas or not. Everything is special when your Dreams Come True. Quietly, while no one is watching, a finger rests on the mouth suggesting that No One Says A Word. And no one does. No one needs to when you've Seen It All.
Go on. Enjoy the tracks. They are here for your illusions, pleasure and the download.
Stay positive. Be positive. Positive.

Norman Towler : vocals, guitars, keyboards and drum programming
except vocals on “Slappe Av” by Sissil
and drum programming on “Seen It All”, “Dreams Come True” and
“Optimistic” by Mikey Razor.

All words and music written by Norman Towler
except words on “Slappe Av” by Sissil

Engineered and recorded by Norman Towler
Mixing and Production by Mikey Razor of PowerSound Productions
Mastered by Stephen Hart
At Mixroom LLC

Photos and artwork : Sissil

Thanks to :
Mikey - the ideas, the wisdom and the alchemy of production
Stevie - mastering master
Graham - possibility marketing and tea and grammar

Cole & Amy Victoria
The dogs and horses and the cat
Sissil - for the inspiration, the love, the past and the future

Dedicated to Sunlight and Hamlet
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